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Penelope is a peculiar 20-something with a penchant for getting into trouble. Her hobbies are wandering about, collecting wild plants, and not much else. She lives a sleepy, aimless life in the far-removed hamlet of Caprese, a boom town well past its heyday. After some sudden news, it appears her childhood best friend and not-so-subtle crush Catalina will soon be leaving forever! What will Penelope do...?

After waking up late for a bonfire party at the beach, you will take the reigns of Penelope, her ever-faithful cat Banshee, and her friends as she clamors to put together a gift before Catalina goes! For 7 days, what Penelope does each day will be up to you as you explore the village and its surroundings, spend time with your friends, or just stay in bed all day.

Game Features

  • Non-linear, "daily life" style system
  • Unique magic system where gathered plants cast spells
  • "Hangout" system where friends become temporary party members
  • 3-8 hours of gameplay, depending how thoroughly you choose to play!

This game was made possible thanks to the works of various members of the RPG Maker community. Please see the in-game credits for a full list of contributors. 


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The game won't let me save.  Please help? 

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I have a burning question: are there multiple endings to this game? I have been playing this game probably a cumulative 10+ hours (mostly due to lost progress and returning to old saves, but that's another matter) and I thought I had completed basically everything, so I don't know if I missed something or if there's only one possible ending.

As for the game itself, I will just say that I have gotten very emotionally invested in this little town of Caprese, its history, and its inhabitants. There's so many little clever collectibles, interactions, and trigger-able events to uncover. I was never bored when walking around, not even when I re-explored every single area multiple times, because I would be finding new things that I'd overlooked before or come across new character dialogues. The hangout system was such a great one by the way. It made every day unique. Sometimes it'd be a little annoying when I planned to explore a dungeon that a character I was hanging out with wouldn't let me venture into, but mechanics-wise I did appreciate it for how it solidly linked each dungeon with a character and ensured no dungeons would be overlooked.

So on that note, if there's a different, "happy" ending available or something I missed which would lead to one, I will happily replay the game from scratch to get it.

hello there, first of all i want to thank you for such words of praise! it makes me so happy that you got so into my game. 

im sorry to say there is no “happy” ending to the game. sometimes no matter how hard you try, things do not work out the way you wanted them to, and this is perhaps the most true for penelope. life has a way of always going on though, despite the grief that change can bring. i think it is wonderful that penelope was able to experience such a powerful love. 

thank you again, and warm holiday wishes 

- mazemaker 

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Yeah, I see. I played it again, doing the literal bare minimum of sleeping in every day and saw that the same ending occurred. I thought Penelope would leave the village with Catalina when she had enough experiences encouraging her to embrace change, but I guess she would never have been ready to take it that far. A little bitter to realize, especially considering that means no matter what happens in the course of the game, she never changes, but fitting perhaps. Thank you for making this game. It's given me some things to think about.

Happy holidays to you too!

well im glad i read the comments lol i was about to get this but like most ppl i like happy endings for characters i invest time in. i gotta give it to you for staying true to your art and makin it the way you want, instead of the way us players want it, just so you would get more ppl to buy it. your a rare person lol and thats def a compliment

thanks for taking the time to reply Link1998, and thank you for such kind praise =) the game is free however, so please feel free to enjoy without paying! have a nice day 

The lost warrior keeps making the game crash! 

Hi there, do you think you could post an image of the error you're getting so I may investigate?

Hello, here is the error message I have gotten for the same situation !

Apart from that I am really enjoying the game !