A downloadable RPG Maker MV Plugin

this is a simple plugin to remove reference from the user interface to level and experience. it is great if you want to create a game with unconventional character growth or none at all.

it has options to adjust actor simple status ui layout to accommodate information change. this comes with an adjustment to display more states, in case your game uses many of those! even further, an option is added to change the layout of Yanfly's "StatusMenuCore" plugin to remove experience display. take care using this option to position NoLevel plugin below Yanfly.

please take note that this does not get in the way of the experience system behind the scenes. to prevent level ups, please set your character's maximum level to "1" in the database editor.

feel welcome to use this for both enthusiast and commercial projects.


Install instructions

to add this to your project, add file to "js/plugin/" of your project directory, then add it to your project through the plugin manager system.


MAZE_NoLevels.js 3 kB

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