this project was made for the "save the environment" game jam. sometimes i wonder if we could use a more specific picture of who is killing the environment, and for what reason. that said, i think we all have a role to play in not simply going along with things.

"mni wiconi" comes from the sioux language and is the word for water, but it literally means "what gives me life". the standing rock sioux tribe is still engaged in a legal battle against the now fully-functioning pipeline


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hello everyone, yet again another “standing rock” is happening against indigenous peoples, this time with violations against the wet’suwet’en. you can learn more and get involved here please lend them your support however you can! we live in horrific times but acting together will see us through it 

Love the art style. Really liked the narrative.

Love the Art style


Nice game it handles some really large topics within its simple mechanics and art